So WHAT! Wednesday o2

So WHAT.. 
  • If my family no plans for the 4th, I'm enjoying my day off by relaxing and looking for a PT job.
  • If I've been antisocial, PMS and my impending period do this to me. (Sorry if it's TMI)
  • If I just got paid and paid all my bills today, I always pay first and play with what moneys left.
  • I'm not working on my tan today like 10000000 other people, it's going to be 100+ in Baltimore today.
  • If I'm on not one but TWO dating sites, I'm determined to at least make an effort to find Mr. Right. These days I liken dating to hunting a bear, with proper preparation, tracking and ammo you too can be married someday. Right? Right?

Happy Fourth Everyone!


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  1. I saw the commercials for the eharmony 'free communication weekend.' So there's another option for you if you aren't already on there. What is it about holidays that make you (ok me) feel extra alone when you don't have a husband. And yes it's hotttt outside today. No shame in staying inside where it's cool. Thats what self-tanners are for :)