How I make the money honey!

If anyone already doesn't know I'm a nosey person by nature however at the same time I will at any given time tell you every juicy detail of my life.  I love facebook and the ability to see and be in people's lives without the drama, one of the various reasons I love blogging (guilty pleasure).

I'm always curious to see what other people do and have done for a living, maybe it's my way to compare and see who's done better or {mostly} I'm plain nosey.  I can't wait to see what everyone else does and how they arrived there!

My employment history is well, like any other story I have..interesting.  I've held various jobs since the ripe old age of 15 or what it 14? Anyhow, I've been working my little butt of since before I could drive and it's been atleast 10 years of working.

My previous jobs included:
  • A cashier at a flea market stand, my first job and my boss loved junk and was mostly likely a hoarder. We sold all kinds of trinkets, babytoys and other items, all used.  Oh and her husband had the stand attached to mine which sold knives. 
  • A cashier/manager of another flea market stand, my former bosses son went to jail and well he had a hard time paying me and the bills. Basically, I got paid to do little to nothing and the money I did make went right to paying me and the bills.  Oh, he also hit on me.  I was 15 people and he was at least 35.
  • I landed at another flea market stand selling cell phones and when (shocker) my boss stopped coming around and had trouble paying me.  I went to work with the guy we was partnered up with selling cell phone accessories.  I met a lot of great people and worked there from 16-18 and even met my ex boyfriend and the guy I was with for the better part of 6 years.
  • At 18 I thought I needed a legit job and worked at Walmart and quickly went from Cashier to the sales floor to jewelry.  I was promoted but my schooling got in the way and therefore I left the company.  Worst company to work for EVER!
  • I then went on to work at Target and open up a store close to my house.  I started on the price change team and then was promoted to regional competitive shopper.  This was an awesome job, I'm hear to tell you Target, Walmart and companies just like them have employee's on their payroll they PAY to go to the competitors store and record their prices to make sure they are comparable.  I work take a day and "shop" all my stores, I got out of the store and still got paid AWESOME! Except for the one time my car was hit in a Walmart parking lot whilst I was working for target and that wonderful person completely hit and ran. SCORE! NOT!
  • After that I went to work for a private career school as a receptionist
  • I held a few different jobs at college: assistant to a CPA and working for a ink cartridge place.
  • Then I went to work for a tanning salon for when I moved home and I started modeling a marketing companies.
  • Eventually I went on to work for even more marketing companies and then switched to working in a bar.
Yes I've totally done the above position and NO that's not me.
  • I graduated college (09, BS in Business Admin) and started working for a property management company where I eventually became the office manager.
  • In spring on 2011 I left the property management company and went to my current job.
  • My current title for the last year is: Business Operations Associate (BOA) for a international staffing company.  I work for the corporate headquarters of my company and my position is a blanket position.  The team I work on deals with over see's  government accounts, we make sure they are billed, the client pay's, we track purchase orders, insurance, compliance and education.  I also support the other sections of my company.  As I type this out it sounds horribly boring but I've been working for the last year+ 45 hour weeks at minimum and I love what I do.  I interact with alot of internal people and get to build great relationships with both internal and external clients.  I'm constantly learning something new and sharing my knowledge.  Yes, I work with numbers and the funny thing is I've always hated numbers and I work a TON in excel, but somehow this works for me. The other important thing is there are ALOT of opportunities within the company so when I get tired or burned out there are a lot of different places to go be it within the company, state or country.  Oh did I mention we're a business casual dress company except when we have to visit a client.  Some days I even get to *GASP* wear jeans!  MY favorite part of the job: my coworkers and the company I work for!  Not only are we encouraged to socialize with happy hours, a crab feast and various company parties but we have weekly team building activities and games!
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  1. Oh my gosh, I worked at walmart for a couple years and I basically died. I hated it so much.
    Actually, that's a lie. I worked in 3 separate stores (I kept moving) and the first 2 were fine. The last one was in a poorer area of town and it was a supercenter. It was miserable. Not to mention I was working another job and in school full time. So glad I'm done with that!