Friday's Letter 0803

Dear Friday:Thank you for taking your good old time appearing this week, you are not so punctual. er

Dear Stress: Please GTFO, I cannot personally take much more of you.

Dear Father and Brother:  Please stop acting like 5 year old siblings, if you can't get along please don't bring my ailing grandfather into it.  I assure you he does NOT need to worry about whether or not you trash/gift a POS 1985 rusted out truck.  Stop being so selfish!

Dear career: Life would be so much easier if the right career path just jumped out at me, while I love my company I don't want to be in my position forever and the possibilities in my company are almost endless.

Dear Pinterst; Thank you for giving me something to do before I go to bed at night (IE pin quotes).

Why Not You Jillian Michaels Quote  

Dear Student Loans: I wish someone would've explained to me just how long you'd take to pay off. The unfortunate part is I could go to jail and get out before I could you off, yes a JAIL SENTENCE would be shorter!

Dear coworkers: I appreciate your humor but when you choose to turn the work place back into high school via mean girls, I will no longer participate. I'm sorry, high school was 8 years ago for me and well I'm better then that.

Dear Grandmom H: Please continue to rest up, I know you had a rough weekend in the hospital but with time and rest you will be as good as new!

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